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Air Freshener Service

Cleanbio Hygiene air fresheners neutalise malodours and stale air, leaving a fresh fragrance in your premises. Air fresheners are ideal in areas with poor air circulation, such as washrooms, lift lobby, inside lift, storeroom etc. Air fresheners are one of the most economical and quick solutions to counter malodours and stale indoor air.

Contact Cleanbio Hygiene today for the supply, installation and replacement of air fresheners at your premises.

Air freshener rental services by Cleanbio Hygiene

Rent your Freshness

Cleanbio Hygiene’s air freshener service is a freshness-for-rent service. With monthly rental starting as little as a cup of premium coffee, you can start enjoying freshness in your washrooms and premises.

Eliminate Washroom Odours

With air fresheners, your washrooms will be smelling pleasant with fragrance instead of malodours.

Round-the-clock Freshness

Our air freshener units are programmed to work 24/7, dispensing fragrance automatically at regular intervals, keeping your premises smelling fresh throughout the day.


Cleanbio will conduct regular checks on air freshener units in your premises to ensure that they function reliably. Malfunctioning units will be repaired or replace.

Choices of Fragrance

Customers can choose from a wide variety of air freshener fragrance to suit their preference.