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Air Fresheners

Cleanbio Air Fresheners neutralise malodours, minimise smelly toilet problems, and leave a nice and refreshing fragrance in washrooms. As a result, the general public and customers get to enjoy a hygienic and fresher washroom.
oil air freshener

Organic Oil Air Freshener

Multiple fragrant organic oil refills available

Model No. : AS-2010
Simple and stylish, designed to neutralize unpleasant smells, control ‘unavoidable’ odours and deliver a fragrance that freshens up the washroom.

  • Eliminates washroom odours
  • Wide variety of oil fragrance
  • Regular service maintenance included
  • Round-the-clock dispensing
  • Spray interval can be adjusted to suit ambience needs
  • Uses environment-friendly organic oils
classic aerosol spray dispenser

Aerosol Spray Dispenser

Adjustable spray intervals.

Model No. : AZ-201
This dispenser effectively controls unavoidable odours and delivers a fragrance that freshens up your washroom.

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Reliable dispensing of fragrances
  • Wide choice of fragrance
  • Spray intervals can be adjusted to the desired coverage
  • Easily programmed to customise the hours of operation and interval of spray
urinal sanitiser

Aerosol Spray Dispenser

Classic. Simple and stylish.

Model No. : AZ-301
Designed to neutralize unpleasant odours and maintain an ambient fragrance for the washroom.

  • No frill and economical
  • Effective odour control
  • Wide choice of fragrance