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Soap Dispenser

Hand Washing and drying reduces levels of bacteria on the hands thus reducing the risk of cross contamination.

We have a wide variety of liquid and foam soap dispensers that offer a tidy, smart and hygienic service with a choice of push button or automatic hands free dispensers that will compliment any washroom.

soap dispenser

Liquid Soap Dispenser

liquid soap dispenser
Auto hands-free operation

Model No. : ASDW-950
✻ Capacity: 800ml
✻ Stylish, automatic dispenser
✻ Infrared sensor detection
✻ Delivers approximately 1.2ml of liquid soap per use
✻ See-through window for soap level display

liquid soap dispenser
Automatic. Touch-free.

Model No. : ASDW-1000
✻ Capacity: 1000ml
✻ Hygienic touch-free mechanism
✻ Automatically dispenses a standard amount of soap per use
✻ Reduce wastage and running cost long term

liquid soap dispenser
Non-drip push-dispensing

Model No. : SDW-810
✻ Capacity: 800ml
✻ No messy soap drips
✻ Regulated push pump allows more than 1,000 “single shot” per 1 litre fill
✻ Clear transparent level indicator

Foam Soap Dispenser

foam soap dispenser
Dispenses rich creamy foam

Model No. : FS-800
✻ Highly reliable pump generate a rich and creamy foam wash
✻ Compact push dispensing system
✻ Complete range available – for a uniform and contemporary outlook to your washroom
✻ Durable and reliable performance

Toilet Seat Cleaner
Modern design

Model No. : FS-400
✻ User friendly ‘Push Button’ design
✻ No messy soap drips
✻ Suitable for disposable cartridge or refillable cartridge as desired
✻ Clear transparent level indicator