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Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

Paper Hand Towel Dispenser is motion-activated. Simply wave hand in front of the sensor and paper will roll out ready for tearing. Since it dispenses a standard size of paper towel each time and is touch free, this dispenser is hygienic and pleasant for high-traffic washrooms and kitchens.

paper hand towerl dispenser

Motion-activated Dispenser

  • Motion-activated, touch-free
  • Contactless – hygienic and easy to use
  • Simply wave hand in front of the sensor
  • Paper towel rolls out automatically, ready for tearing
  • Dispenses a standard length of paper each time
  • Reliable dispensing mechanism
  • Ideal for washrooms and kitchens


  • 205mm x 170m x 6 roll/packet
  • 205mm x 210m x 6 roll/packet