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Washroom Hygiene Products

Cleanbio Hygiene provides one-stop rental service of washroom hygiene and toilet care accessories such as urinal sanitisers, air fresheners, toilet roll dispensers, hand soap dispensers, etc. For a simple monthly rental fee, Cleanbio Hygiene would supply, install and maintain the washroom hygiene and toilet care accessories in your toilets at regular intervals.

Our washroom hygiene and toilet care accessories are modern and durable, suitable for all types of public toilets. Below are all the washroom hygiene accessories available for rental.

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Washroom Product Catalogue

Air Freshener

Counters stale air in washrooms. Unpleasant odours are neutralised. Leaves a delightful scent.


Hand Sanitiser

An eco-friendly alternative to washing hand. No rinsing is required, thus saving water bills.


Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers help to encourage hand washing and reduce the spread of germs and viruses.


Toilet Seat Sanitiser

Special sanitising gel instantly kills bacteria. Simply wipe gel on the toilet seat & let dry.


Biozen Degreaser

Contains natural enzymes that breakdown grease, clear drain pipes, disinfect surfaces.


Surface Disinfectant

Quick disinfecting spray. Anti viral, anti bacterial. NEA-approved ingredients.


Urinal Screen Mat

Odour control. Economical up to 60 days. Fit all urinals. Reduce splashing.


Urinal/WC Sanitiser

Kills bacteria germs in every flush. Eliminates odours in urinals & WC toilet bowls.


Jumbo Roll Dispenser

Extremely durable. 300 metres of toilet paper per roll. Ideal for high-traffic washroom.


Interfold Paper Dispenser

Dispenses paper towel individually. Stronge paper, easy to pull with wet hands.


Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

Paper towel can withstand wet hands, ideal for kitchen and washrooms.


Waste Bins

Keep trash where they belong – in compact, elegant, white metal waste bin with self-closing cover.