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Urinal Sanitising Service

Toilet urinals are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. These bacteria are the culprit that cause washroom malodours. Urinal sanitisers kill bacteria in urinals, thereby minimising malodours found in washrooms.

As part of our urinal sanitising service, Cleanbio will supply and install the latest urinal sanitisers in your washrooms. Our urinal sanitisers do not require AC power. They are either manual or battery-powered, and these sanitisers automatically dispense a dose of anti-bacteria treatment along with each flush. This is a simple and effective way to ensure that urinals are being sanitised with every flush.

Please contact Cleanbio for a non-obligatory quotation for urinal sanitising service.

washroom urinal sanitiser

Powerful Urinal WC Deodoriser

The urinal sanitisers provide powerful cleaning action to kill odour-causing bacteria, and minimise washroom malodours.

Minimise Stains Build-up

By eliminating bacteria, unsightly yellowish stains will be minimised, thus urinals remain cleaner and easier to maintain.

Sanitise with every Flush

Our urinal sanitisers are designed to sanitise the urinal every time it is flushed. Although there are water-less urinals, however, such urinals are not as effective at controlling malodours. For best washroom hygiene, Cleanbio recommends using water-flushing urinals.


Our urinal sanitisers are designed to be maintenance-free. There is no need to maintain the sanitisers other than topping up the sanitising agent or changing battery, all of which can be handled by Cleanbio service team.