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Scent Marketing

Smart retailers know that their success depends on the store experience of their consumers. Which is why major stores are almost always beautifully designed. Scent marketing is the intangible promoter of store experience. It is the technique of using scent to enhance the shopping experience of consumers, draws them into stores and therefore increases sales.

scent marketing enhances shopping and helps increase retail store sales

Scents Trigger

The right scent can trigger desire for certain products. Some companies even use scent to create a brand identity that associates with their corporate image. More and more studies have confirmed that pleasant scents are capable of altering the consumer’s perception of the store environment.

Cleanbio Scent Atomizer (Scent Delivery System)

Cleanbio Hygiene’s Scent Atomizer is a compact, fully automated and computer-controlled scent delivery system. Once installed, the system runs smoothly and quietly in the background, and produces a consistent aroma within the retail space. Cleanbio Hygiene’s Scent Atomizer is also easy to maintain and is ideally suited for retail floor space and offices.

Scent Atomizer Features

  • Compact & lightweight – scent delivery system can be located on any flat surface
  • Uniform scenting in less than 10 minutes (air volume of up to 20,000 cubic feet)
  • Scent machine is capable of operating 24 hours
  • Programmable up to a week’s scenting schedule
  • Scenting duration is adjustable (longer duration means stronger scent)
  • Support multiple scent outputs from a single scent machine
  • Dry scent delivery method leaves no residue on surfaces
  • Low power consumption, only 45watt.
  • Maintenance-free (handled by Cleanbio)
  • Silent operation
  • More than 60 types of fragrances available

Scent Atomizer (scent delivery machine) provides uniform scenting aroma