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Dust Control Mat Rental Service

Dust and dirts are unsightly and could damage flooring and soil expensive carpets. To protect your office environment, Cleanbio Hygiene provides dust control mats for rental. Dust control mats are special dustmats designed to trap dust and dirts. Usually placed at the main entrances of offices, our dust mats will trap dirts from all footwear before anyone steps into your premise.

Benefits of Floor Mat Rental

Cleanbio Hygiene’s floor mat rental service is a cost-effective solution to minimise dust, dirt and mud in your office premises.

Cleanbio dust control floor mat rented by a hotel for its lobby

Freshly-Laundered Mats

For this service, Cleanbio will pick up the dirty dust mats from your premises and exchange them immediately with freshly-laundered pieces. In this way, your office will always have clean mats.

Customised Mats

For aesthetic purposes, customers can request their floor mats to be customised with their company logo, tagline, colours. Dimensions can be customised as well.

Anti-Slip Safety

Cleanbio’s dust mats are anti-slip for additional safety to users.

Protect Carpets & Flooring

By trapping large dirts, dust control mats will minimise the wear-and-tear of office carpets and flooring, saving companies from unnecessary repairs or replacement of carpets and flooring.


Our dust control mats are guaranteed against discolouration caused by UV, ozone, nitrous oxide, bleeding and harsh cleaning agents.

Stylish Designs

We have a wide selection of colours and designs to match your office environment.

Generic Mats

dust mats

Sizes Available

2’x3’ (60cmx85cm)
3’x5’ (85cmx150cm)
4’x6’ (115cmx180cm)
4’x8’ (115cmx240cm)

Colours Available


Welcome Mats

Floor mats with Welcome word

Sizes Available

3’x5’ (85cmx150cm)
4’x6’ (115cmx180cm)
4’x8’ (115cmx240cm)

Colours Available