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About Cleanbio Hygiene

Cleanbio Hygiene supplies products and services for maintaining and upkeeping the hygiene standards of washrooms. Our corporate mission is to raise the hygiene standards of public washrooms and create a pleasant washroom environment for the comfort of all users.
washroom hygiene accessories rental service
At the dawn of each day, countless number of folks are greeted by clean and fresh washrooms serviced by Cleanbio Hygiene. And we put in great efforts every day to ensure this, because washroom cleanliness and hygiene is very much a heritage of Singapore. And we are proud to be able to contribute towards it.

Washroom Hygiene Services

Install and Maintain

WC and Urinal Sanitisers
Air Freshener Dispensers
Hand Soap Dispensers
Jumbo Roll Dispensers
Paper Dispensers
Toilet Seat Sanitisers
Hand Sanitisers
Feminine Sanitary Bins
Dust-Control Floor Mats

How We Make A Difference

• Clean and hygienic washrooms
• Improve washroom hygiene facilities
• Gentle and eco-friendly soap dispensers
• Costs savings for building management

washroom hygiene system comprising toilet seat sanitiser, jumbo roll dispenser, femine sanitary bin

One-stop Washroom Hygiene Company

Cleanbio Hygiene Pte Ltd was established in 2007. Our management has over 80 years of combined experience in the washroom hygiene industry. Besides bringing a wealth of knowledge in washroom hygiene solutions to our customers, Cleanbio Hygiene stays on the forefront of competition by committing to excellent after-sales service.

Trusted by Clients

Today, we have become one of the leading providers of washroom hygiene services in Singapore. Our portfolio of clients includes owners of major prestigious buildings and establishments, from both the private and public sectors.

Reliable Janitorial Supplies

Every day, janitors nation-wide make use of Cleanbio products to maintain clean and hygienic washroom environment. Additionally, many offices enjoy a hygienic and pleasant working environment, thanks to the air sanitizing and dust control floor mat services offered by Cleanbio.

Eco-friendly Products

At Cleanbio, we play our part to be environmentally-friendly. Our products are free of CFCs and harsh chemicals, thus safe for regular use. We have a policy to reduce, re-use and recycle, and we are constantly finding ways to incorporate other recycled products into our daily operations.