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Urinal Sanitiser

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Keeping washrooms fresh and pleasant

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Washroom Hygiene

Cleanbio provides one-stop supply of washroom hygiene products such as urinal sanitiser, air freshener, jumbo roll dispenser, hand soap and interfold paper dispenser. Over 9 different types of washroom products to choose from.

scent delivery machines for cleanbio scent marketing service

Scent Marketing Service

Scenting ensures a fresh indoor ambience. Research shows that certain scents enhance the shopping experience of consumers, attract shoppers into stores and help retailers increase sales.

Cleanbio's feminine sanitary bin disposal service

Feminine Sanitary Bin Disposal

With this service, feminine sanitary wastes are properly disposed from your washrooms. For maximum hygiene, Cleanbio provides lady sanitary bins treated with anti-bacterial agent, kills germs and prevent malodour.

Dust control floor mat service for dirt-free environment

Dust Control Mats Service

Cleanbio delivers freshly-laundered dust mat to your office and pick up your soiled mat in exchange. Our floor mats are designed to trap dust and dirts from all footwear before anyone steps into your office premises.

Eco Janitorial Supplies

Gentler for hands

Washroom hand sanitiser service by Cleanbio

Eco Janitorial Supplies

Gentler to hands

Scenting Marketing Service

Increasing walk-in traffic for retailers

Scent marketing services

Scenting Marketing Service

Increasing walk-in traffic for retailers